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Warpath | Lilith game (Round 2)



Test requirements


Age Range

Male , Female , Others




Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States


16 Oct - 26 Oct 2021

Testing duration

Lead your team and win the war! 

APPLY NOW before it ends on October 12, 2021


DOMINATE THE SKY, WIN THE WAR. New Airforce release soaring your way! Warpath has already witnessed millions of brave commanders battle it out on the ground across Europe in intense RTS battles. The time has now come to open up a new front in the air as the skies above Warpath play host to a new army of advanced aerial units poised to deliver intense air-to-ground combat and precision airstrikes.


1. Reaching command center level 10 - $1 (Takes 1 day)

2. Reaching command center level 21 - $10 (Takes approx. 7 - 10 days)


• The game is only available in certain regions. 

• Participants must be 16 years old or above.

• Participants must download the game through an assigned link. 

• Payment will be sent out once you've accumulated $10 in your total Game Test reward.

• In case of any dispute, we may ask for your email address, GAID (Google Advertising ID), or IDFA (Identifier For Advertising) as proof of registration for payment

Availability/ Applied
800/688 (86%)

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